Indoor Urban Shrimp Fishing in Taipei

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When my friend Vinti suggested going indoor urban shrimp fishing when we met in Taipei, it sounded like something hipsters in Brooklyn would do (assuming the draconian laws in New York City allows would actually allow such fun). Still, it sounded like a great off-the-beaten-path activity and I looked forward to it. We didn’t know of any shrimp fishing places near the central Daan district, so we took a 20-minute cab ride to a neighborhood chock full of Japanese eateries (I have no idea where it actually was, sorry) and walked inside what appeared to be a low-key restaurant with garish lighting. In the back was a large murky pool. The fun soon began.

We spoke no Chinese, but pantomimed that we wanted to go fishing for an hour. We were given tiny rods and were the only ones sitting there on a weekday night. The employee put a tiny dried shrimp (cannibals!) on the hook and plopped the lure and bobber into the water. Within moments he had a hard bite.

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Vietnam’s Most Interesting Gym is in Can Tho

I have an unusual hobby where I have to visit every single local gym I see in Southeast Asia. The equipment often leaves a lot to be desired, but the unique layouts and bizarre jury-rigged equipment appeal to my curiosity. These types of gyms seem to be where the most serious fitness buffs hang out, and the price is usually never more than 50 cents. Some high-end gyms in the region cost as much as rent, and while their amenities are impressive, they all seem almost too nice a place to do some serious exercise. They look more like cafes or hotel lobbies.

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