What To Do In Ha Tien, Vietnam

Ha Tien in southern Vietnam mostly serves as a either a quick stop en route to Phu Quoc Island or the Cambodian coast, with only a handful of travelers opting to stick around for more than a day or two. To reflect this, there’s only one western bar in the town of 40,000 people. The amenities aren’t as a foreigner friendly as they are in Kep, Cambodia just 20 km away. In a way it’s for the best, because Ha Tien is something of an unknown gem once you get your hands on a motorbike. Read more

A Couple Days in the Ruins of Sukhothai, Thailand

Sukhothai in northern Thailand doesn’t overwhelm with the same majesty as the Angkor Archeological Park in neighboring Cambodia, but this sleepy ancient city makes for a much better visitor experience if you’re looking for tranquility. Crowds during last year’s high season were almost nonexistent, with a few tour groups hitting up the well-preserved central area and nobody venturing elsewhere in the 70 square kilometers of the park. Some of these ruins are little more than foundations in the ground, but they’re all yours as long as you don’t mind sharing with a few wandering cows.

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Sihanoukville’s Serendipity Beach is a Shithole

“I don’t know what I expected.”-  Michael Bluth, Arrested Development

I had heard the complaints of Sihanoukville’s Serendipity Beach before I arrived for the first time: loud, dirty, loads of hawkers and full of race-to-the-bottom bars catering exclusively to the cheapest of backpackers. After spending a couple days there between Christmas and New Year’s, my brother and I are inclined to agree with some of those complaints. Next time he visits, this area will not be on our itinerary.

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