Remembering the Victims of the Death Railway

The sleepy Kanchanaburi province, just a couple hours west of Bangkok, is a popular getaway thanks to its mountains, waterfalls and a pleasant provincial capital. Dotted throughout the province, however, are signs of one of the many atrocities committed during World War II. The Death Railway had 60,000 allied prisoners of war and many more Asian laborers working in horrible conditions under the Japanese.

Budget Breakdown: Myanmar for $40 a Day

Coming into Myanmar, I was expecting to pay handsomely for the experience. Fortunately, a three-week trip all over the country only cost me $855 (including the flight from Thailand). Myanmar, or Burma, if you’d prefer, opened up to tourists just a few years ago and everything I read said that demand outstrips supply when it comes to tourism infrastructure. There are some areas where Myanmar is more expensive that it’s neighboring countries, but overall things are better than expected.

Thailand’s Songkran Festival is Frighteningly Fun

During Sonkran, nobody is safe. The Thai New Year festivities involve dousing anyone and everyone with water as a way to beat the heat and ring in the coming year. The three-day holidays is celebrated everywhere in the country with water guns, buckets and lots of ice-cold water. This past April I was in Thailand to celebrate the festival for the very first time.

Despite Long Odds, Cambodia has World Cup Madness

Cambodia’s failed effort to beat Singapore on June 12 in its bid for the 2018 World Cup was like something out of a scene in Lord of the Rings. Not what was happening on the field, though. The madness was at the ticket gates just outside the Olympic Stadium. Hundreds of people without tickets stormed the fences and ran up the steep hill. Bored cops were out in full force but didn’t bother stopping any of the fans. In many ways, it was exactly like the traffic in Phnom Penh.

How I Motorcycled Thailand’s Mae Hong Son Loop

The Mae Hong Son loop was top of my list of things I wanted to do in Southeast Asia. I heard a lots about this 700 kilometer (435 mile) journey from Chiang Mai, with most of the praise being heaped on the gorgeous scenery, the tricky roads and the interesting towns along the way. After completing the journey for myself, I totally agree with everything with everything. It was a hell of a fun ride.