See Elephants in Mondulkiri the Humane Way

Even when trying to avoid riding elephants, things are not so cut and dry. More and more people are wizening up to the fact that riding elephants is not a good thing, so tour companies are offering trips that involve feeding, cleaning and watching elephants rather than riding. The problem is that some tour companies hire elephants both to be ridden or cared for, depending on what the tourists want to pay for. So one day the elephant might have a leisurely time. The next day – unbeknownst to tourists – the same elephant will be forced to carry tourists.

5 Reasons to Bicycle in Phnom Penh

Phnom Penh’s streets are clogged and chaotic. If it isn’t traffic that’s blocking the way, it’s an impromptu flood during the rainy season. The roads can be dangerous, with everyone on a motorbike or driving an SUV seemingly on their phones and oblivious to their surroundings. Despite all the danger and the tropical heat, I fell in love with bicycling for the first time after riding through the city daily.

Good and Bad at One FC’s Cambodia Debut

One FC made its much-hyped debut in Phnom Penh with its Sept. 12 “Rise of the Kingdom” event. The Singapore-based MMA promotion is the largest in Asia and its arrival to Phnom Penh was meant to symbolize that Cambodia’s arrival on the international martial arts scene. The end result wasn’t as grand as some hoped, but its a promising start that hopefully means One FC will be back to Phnom Penh the future.

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Height of Stupidity: Phnom Penh’s ‘Illegal’ Hotel to Open

Work is almost finished on a four-star hotel near the Royal Palace deemed so offensive – and so illegal – that Phnom Penh authorities demanded it be torn down. The order, given almost a year ago in October 2013, has unsurprisingly gone ignored. Now, the unambitiously named “Okay Boutique Hotel” is set to open on an alleyway behind the Royal University of Fine Arts with 56 rooms, a restaurant and a murky backstory involving the highest levels of Cambodia’s government.

The Sad State of the Troubled Kampot Zoo

About ten kilomers up the western bank of the Kampot river from the town is a shabby zoo that looks like it’s fallen on hard times once again. Despite being featuring a variety of A-list animals (lions, tigers, bears, elephants and much more) and a seemingly well-intended staff, the privately-owned Teuk Chhou Zoo is in need of some overhauls. This isn’t the first time the zoo has faced problems.