Vietnam’s Most Interesting Gym is in Can Tho

I have an unusual hobby where I have to visit every single local gym I see in Southeast Asia. The equipment often leaves a lot to be desired, but the unique layouts and bizarre jury-rigged equipment appeal to my curiosity. These types of gyms seem to be where the most serious fitness buffs hang out, and the price is usually never more than 50 cents. Some high-end gyms in the region cost as much as rent, and while their amenities are impressive, they all seem almost too nice a place to do some serious exercise. They look more like cafes or hotel lobbies.

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Avocados in Cambodia

Avocados haven’t really caught on in Cambodia yet. I don’t think that will stay true for long, as the stuff that’s grown here is excellent and expensive Western food (usually of dubious quality) is catching on in Phnom Penh. These avocados made in Cambodia are huge, fresh, and for the most part, totally under the radar. Read more

Exploring the Awesome Wat Nokor in Kampong Cham

I’ve been to dozens of temples throughout southeast Asia, but none have been blended two time periods quite like Wat Nokor (also known as Banteay Prey Nokor) in Kampong Cham. From the exterior, it’s a well-preserved temple from the 11th century that wouldn’t look out of place at the Angkor Archeological Park. That’s enough to justify a visit if you’re in Kampong Cham, but it’s the interior that makes this place a must-see.

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