Odd: Hot Coca-Cola at the Harbin Ice Festival

With a total attendance of more than 10 million people a year, it’s no surprise that corporations use the Harbin Ice Festival in northern China as a way to reach new customers and make some money. Some of the sculptures are sponsored directly by both Chinese and multi-national companies. Coca-Cola does that and more in the hope of reaching an audience.

Hot Coke at the Harbin Ice Festival

Throughout the Harbin’s cobblestoned pedestrian street, vendors sell hot cups of Coca-Cola to freezing passers-by. One would assume that it’s some sort of bizarre mulled version of the soft drinks, especially since boiled Coke and ginger is considered a cold remedy in China, but that’s not the case according to one of the vendors. It’s merely Coca-Cola that’s been heated up and served in a GIGANTIC cup that dwarfs the diabetes-causing beverages in American movie theaters. For a few dollars, the cup comes with a tiny stuffed polar bear to keep as a memento.

Business wasn’t especially brisk, but it seemed to be steady.