The Real-Life Game of Thrones Locations in Croatia

It’s no surprise the creators of Game of Thrones chose Croatia as one of the principal places to film the series and bring the books to life. The Mediterranean country boasts dramatic coastlines, rocky mountains and countless historic buildings that look right out of a medieval fantasy world. Some of locales where filming took place were heavily touched up in post-production while many of them were left almost as is.

Filming has taken place all over the country and I was lucky to spot a few familiar locales during my short trip through the country.


The walled Medieval city of Dubrovnik looked like something out of a fantasy even before Game of Thrones came out. From the second season on, Dubrovnik served as Game of Thrones’ King’s Landing. Almost too many scenes to count were filmed here, although there are some heavy special effects to make the city even more fantastical.

The locals have embraced Game of Thrones, with a number of souvenir shops selling memorabilia. One of the stores even has a replica of the Iron Throne for photo ops. Sadly, it was closed when I was there in the winter off-season.

game of thrones dubr


This staircase in the middle of the Dubrovnik old town is where the (completely computer generated) Great Sept of Baelor is located in the show. This location was namely used for Cersei’s walk of shame at the end of the 4th season.

game of thrones dubrovnik steps

This tiny dock just outside the walls of the old city was used in several scenes.

game of thrones dubrvnik


A special effects-enhanced Fort Lovrijenac serves as a backdrop throughout the show.



Klis Fortress

About 30 minutes by bus from the city of Split is the striking Klis Fortress. This medieval fortress was used over the span of hundreds of years during different conflicts. In season four in Game of Thrones, it’s where Daenerys Targaryen came across a row of crucified slaves en route to the city of Mereen.

I was the only tourist here during a mid-week visit in November. There’s a small, dusty room with a decrepit styrofoam dragon and some photos from the show.

gameof thrones kis


game of thrones


The city of Split was a provincial capital of the Roman empire and the location of Emperor Diocletian’s palace. The city is now a popular tourist spot for cruise ships, who descend upon the city in alarming numbers during the summer months. I can see why it’s so popular, as the mixture of well-preserved Roman architecture and more modern buildings (but still hundreds of years old) is unlike anywhere else I’ve seen.

Not much of Diocletian’s palace is standing these days, but the basement remains intact. It’s now an art exhibit and tourist market.  In Game of Thrones, it’s where Daenerys keeps her dragons.

game of thrones split





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