The ‘Crazy House’ Lives Up to its Name

The Crazy House in Dalat, Vietnam looks like Disneyland on acid. There’s winding staircases, a giant fake tree and some mock molten lava on top of the gift shop. Full or narrow passageways and vertigo-inducing walkways, the Crazy House has all the kitsch of an ambitious tourist trap. Despite a steady stream of visitors and its over-the-top looks, this attraction was made for reasons other than making money from tourists. It’s actually the personal project of an ambitious local architect.

The house was built in 1990 by┬áDr. Dang Viet Nga, who trained in architechture in Moscow. She worked on a number of mainstream government projects but the Crazy House is an expression of herself. In her own words, she says this building “represents my lifestyle, my creativity as an architect.” Construction has been outgoing and there are a few sections that plan to be completed by 2020.

Admission to the Crazy House is only $1.50 (30,000 Vietnamese dong). For a rather unique experience, you can stay in one of nine themed hotel rooms that begin at $25 a night. It’s not exactly a place for quiet relaxation, as during the day there are a number of tourists walking around the area. It is, however, the most distinct hotel in the city. I didn’t stay the night but I’m glad I visited.

The Crazy House is located within the city of Dalat, Vietnam. Reservations for the hotel can be made here.






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